Vodafone has implemented its AI Booster MLOps platform to accelerate ML use case development

04 November 2022 | Research

Adaora Okeleke

Case study | PPTX and PDF (5 slides) | Data, AI and Development Platforms

"Vodafone’s decision to implement a unified MLOps platform will enable it to take ML use cases to production more quickly."


Vodafone views data and AI as being strategic assets to success in the telecoms market. However, its approach to taking ML use cases from trials to production was hindered by several challenges. As such, it developed a unified MLOps platform, AI Booster, to reduce to the time to production for ML use cases and to deploy models more quickly across operating companies within the Vodafone Group.

Information included in this report

  • Overview of the key business drivers and challenges that led Vodafone to develop AI Booster
  • Insights into the key elements involved in the development of the AI Booster platform
  • Lessons learnt from the implementation of the AI Booster platform


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Adaora Okeleke

Principal Analyst, expert in AI and data management