Vodafone shifts to Google Cloud Platform for AI and analytics

04 November 2020 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Case study | PPTX and PDF (4 slides) | Data, AI and Development Platforms

"Vodafone has shifted its AI and analytics stack to Google Cloud Platform to create a group-level solution that saves money and shares capabilities."


Vodafone Group is formed of 24 different operational organisations, each with its own profit and loss accounts. Vodafone's new solution, Neuron, provides a high degree of autonomy for each operating company, but is controlled using a common framework.

This case study provides:

  • an overview of what Vodafone is doing in big data and analytics
  • an explanation as to why Vodafone selected Google over other cloud platforms
  • technical information about how Vodafone conducted the project.


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