Hitachi: the Lumada IoT platform

01 March 2018 | Research

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"The Lumada IoT platform is not targeted at the wider application developer community; instead, customised applications are developed in collaboration with Hitachi and its customers."

Following the launch of Hitachi Vantara in 2017, Hitachi started actively promoting and demonstrating IoT capabilities using its Lumada platform. The company is building on its background in the OT and IT markets to offer a horizontal IoT platform that provides device management, analytics and machine learning capabilities for industrial applications. Hitachi aims to achieve a steady growth through Lumada, but the company will also be challenged by the fierce competition in the IoT platform market.

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More information from this report

Hitachi is a multinational corporation that contains groups of companies operating across different industries and technologies including consumer electronics, power systems and information technology systems.

Hitachi’s first move into information technology was in 1989 when it established Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) as a mainframe company. In 1999, HDS expanded into the storage business. Over the years, the company has built and strengthened its data management and analytics capabilities through acquisitions such as oXya, Pantascene and Pentaho, as well as internal development. As of 2016, Hitachi has 2700 research and development employees and its spend on R&D was equivalent to 3.5% of its revenue in FY2016.

The Hitachi Insight Group was established in May 2016 as the group’s Internet of Things subsidiary with the Lumada IoT platform as its core solution. The division is built on and supported by other Hitachi platform solutions such as the Pentaho Big Data platform and the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

Hitachi merged its platform businesses HDS, Hitachi Insight Group and Pentaho to form Hitachi Vantara in September 2017, to offer solutions and services for digital transformation including IoT, big data, analytics and machine learning. The Japanese IoT market remains under Hitachi’s management while its worldwide business is managed by Hitachi Vantara.



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