Nokia: IMPACT IoT platform

20 August 2018 | Research

Company profile | PPTX and PDF (8 slides) | IoT Services

"The IoT market is rapidly changing and is very competitive. Nokia needs to adopt a more aggressive approach to penetrate horizontal and/or vertical IoT markets."

Nokia is expanding its role in the IoT and software markets by entering the IoT platform market. Nokia has combined a range of its management capabilities and partners’ technologies into its horizontal platform, IMPACT, which targets telecoms operators. However, the vendor needs to continue differentiating its offering in the very competitive IoT platform market to attract operator customers.

This company profile provides:

  • a company summary
  • a financial analysis
  • analysis of the company's strategic direction
  • product summary
  • an overview of significant customers
  • analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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