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FTTP valuation tracker 2021

01 March 2021 | Research

Rupert Wood

Tracker | Excel | Fibre Infrastructure Strategies

"The FTTP market is exploding, both in the sense that investment is booming and in the sense that the market structure and ownership of fixed access is shattering."


Analysys Mason's FTTP valuation tracker provides regular updates on FTTP-related mergers, acquisitions and carve-outs. It benchmarks FTTP businesses on the key metrics of valuation per premises passed and per premises connected. 

Data coverage

Metric   Description



Fibre to the premises. Access where fibre runs all of the way to the subscriber premises. The definition excludes hybrids such as fibre to the building that use copper in the indoor network.



Hybrid fibre coax (for example, cable TV networks).

Copper lines


Lines in active use, including lines for fibre–copper hybrids such as FTTC. Figures exclude unused or abandoned copper lines.

Premises passed


Premises that can be connected to the fibre network within 30 days and which would not require signficant additional capex.

Active connections


A subset of premises passed, where the premises has been connected and supports an active service.

Total premises built


The sum of FTTP premises passed, HFC premises passed and active copper lines.

Enterprise value


Market capitalisation and total debt. Alternatively implied valuation from the value of the equity stake at the time of the transaction.

We expect to include further metrics over time.


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