Mobile handset data pricing benchmark 4Q 2023

19 January 2024 | Research

Eulalia Marin | Chitrita Dey | Devalina Chakraborty

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"Analysys Mason's Mobile handset data pricing benchmark is a survey of mobile handset data subscription services. We include packages with bundled handsets, as well as SIM-only packages."


This tracker captures pricing details of operators' mobile postpaid plans across a broad range of data allowances, both with and without a bundled handset across selected markets. The mobile data plans for handsets are not meant to be collectively exhaustive. For handset bundles, we have selected the iPhone 14 128GB as a representative device due to its popularity and presence across markets. This device supports 5G connections, but not all operators that sell this device have live 5G networks; this is why in some cases, in a row where this device is included, the access technology cell does not specifiy 5G. Where this device is not available, we have chosen the most similar device on offer in terms of price and technological sophistication. Where possible, some variations in contract durations are also covered. For each data allowance size, the primary variations are how much it costs, both with and without a device, and for different contract durations. An entry for a mobile plan is not repeated for various SMS/voice allowances (only one combination is selected per data allowance size). Fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) bundles are not included in the analysis.

The tracker accounts for caveats, such as bonus allowances, temporary promotions and content offerings, in columns other than the main 'data allowance (in GB)' column, except when an advertised promotion covers the entire contract duration (for example, half-price for 24 months in a 24-month contract). It also lists operators' overage policies as per the plan selected. In some cases, operators combine different overage plans in a single plan; such details are also provided in the designated columns.

5G smartphone tariffs have been included since 4Q 2018.

Data coverage

The following data is provided for each mobile subscription.

  • Country
  • Provider
  • Device bundle
  • Subscription type
  • Access technology
  • Local currency unit (LCU)
  • Monthly access charge (LCU)
  • Monthly access charge (USD)
  • Data allowance (GB)
  • Minutes within operator's network
  • National minutes


  • International minutes
  • SMS
  • Roaming
  • Other features
  • Content/apps (media)
  • Content/apps (other)
  • Upfront costs (LCU)
  • Upfront costs (USD)
  • Minimum contract length (months)
  • Usage cap/fair-use policy
  • Overage details

Geographical coverage

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

  • Poland
  • Turkey

Asia–Pacific (APAC)

  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Thailand

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE

North America (NA)

  • USA

Western Europe (WE)

  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • UK


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Eulalia Marin

Principal Analyst

Devalina Chakraborty

Research Analyst