Network sharing and co-investment tracker 1Q 2023

09 March 2023 | Research

Michela Venturelli | Grace Langham | Jiachen Zhang

Tracker | Excel | Operator Investment Strategies

"Analysys Mason’s Network sharing and co-investment tracker provides details on co-investment activities of traditional operators, infrastructure providers and non-traditional telco players that are entering the market."


The densification of 5G and continued deployment of fibre are resource-intensive for many operators, which is increasing interest in network-sharing and co-investment activities. Sharing can offer a range of potential benefits including reduced cost and deployment time and accelerated expansion of coverage.

Analysys Mason’s Network sharing and co-investment tracker provides details and regular updates on network-sharing agreements, co-investment activities and carve-outs in the wireless and wireline market.

The information includes publicly announced deals from 2021 onwards. The information is collected from public sources and will be updated quarterly.

Please also see our related article Operators view cost saving and coverage as the two main drivers for network sharing.


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