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Spectrum auction tracker 2Q 2021

18 October 2021 | Research

Rupert Wood

Data | Excel | Wireless Infrastructure Strategies


Analysys Mason’s Spectrum auction tracker provides granular, accurate details and analysis of concluded auctions of mobile and fixed wireless spectrum, reaching back to 2005.

Data is provided in a fully searchable spreadsheet format, for use as a benchmarking and planning tool, and is updated quarterly. 

The information for each concluded auction includes:

  • geographical region, country and date of the auction
  • frequency and bandwidth
  • average duration of licence
  • price per MHz per population (in EUR)
  • mobile penetration rate (at country level)
  • broadband penetration rate (at country level)
  • name of controlling regulatory agency. 

The tracker also provides details of forthcoming and planned spectrum auctions, including:

  • geographical region and country in which the auction is to take place
  • frequency and bandwidth to be made available
  • status (for example, planned or publicly announced)
  • name of controlling regulatory agency.