Wholesale FTTx tariff tracker 2024

14 February 2024 | Research

Rupert Wood

Tracker | Excel | Fibre Infrastructure Strategies

Analysys Mason's Wholesale FTTx tariff tracker is our annual survey of wholesale broadband access tariffs worldwide.


The tracker covers tariffs for:

  • active (bitstream) products: local (VULA) and regional aggregation
  • passive products (copper and fibre unbundling)
  • physical infrastructure access (access to ducts and poles).

The tracker covers the whole range of local-loop technologies on FTTx/copper, FTTP and HFC networks.

It provides tariffs for end-user paths (shared and naked) and for transmission, and covers both recurring and one-off charges. Links are provided to the published source information.

Tariffs are given in local currency units (LCU) and in EUR.


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Rupert Wood

Research Director