5G’s role in transforming Kuwait into a digital economy

25 January 2021 | Research

Caroline Gabriel | Michela Venturelli | Hugues-Antoine Lacour

Perspective | PDF (40 pages) | The Middle East and Africa| Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"In Kuwait, where 5G will be critical to achieving wider socioeconomic objectives, it is important that operators are motivated to invest in the new platforms, and that the leading use cases also contribute to the wider goals."


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Kuwait has been one of the pioneering countries in the introduction of 5G services: the operators and government are giving 5G a central role in their digital strategies and all three mobile network operators (MNOs) – Zain, STC, Ooredoo – have been offering commercial 5G services since mid-2019. Kuwait has high mobile penetration of the population and, in the absence of widespread fibre, broadband usage is mainly cellular.

This makes it likely that 5G will take a leading role in providing the connectivity to underpin digital transformation by enterprises, and on a national scale as part of Kuwait’s ambitious Vision 2035, or ‘New Kuwait’ socioeconomic programme.

5G’s role in transforming Kuwait into a digital economy



Caroline Gabriel

Research Director, expert in network and cloud strategies and architecture

Michela Venturelli

Senior Analyst

Hugues-Antoine Lacour