Cloud-native mobile core networks: operator maturity index

23 February 2024 | Research

Joseph Attwood | Ameer Gaili | Gorkem Yigit

Perspective | PDF (18 slides) | Cloud Infrastructure Strategies

"Implementing a common cloud-native horizontal platform for network functions and cloud-native automation will be key to realizing a return from operators’ investment in cloud-native mobile cores."


A cloud-native approach allows operators to realize network functions as granular microservices which will ideally run on a horizontal network cloud platform with high levels of closed-loop automation. This approach enables operators to implement loosely coupled systems that are scalable, resilient, manageable and observable.

VMware by Broadcom commissioned Analysys Mason to investigate the state of adoption of cloud-native technologies as applied to the mobile core network domain. As part of this research, we explored key drivers and challenges for operators implementing cloud-native technology and operators’ progress towards their cloud-native aspirations. In addition, we examined the approaches that operators are taking to their cloud-native transformations, including their different approaches to cloud-native mobile core automation. We then produced an index that benchmarked operators’ cloud-native mobile core adoption progress in terms of their commercial and technological maturity.

This report showcases key findings from a worldwide online survey of senior decision makers at 75 operators which have already implemented a cloud-native mobile core or are planning to implement one within the next 3 years. It also provides information from complementary interviews with a further ten operators.

Cloud-native mobile core networks: operator maturity index



Joseph Attwood


Ameer Gaili


Gorkem Yigit

Research Director