Will SpaceX continue to dominate the satellite market?

29 January 2024 | Research | Satellite Infrastructure

In the last decade, SpaceX has achieved a near-monopoly on the satellite launch market, due to aggressive moves, improved reliability and delayed competition. At the same time, the company has manufactured more satellites than any other operator for its Starlink constellation and is now planning to sell satellites via its Starshield programme. Given the challenges involved in satellite manufacturing and launch, and SpaceX’s dominance in the market, established and emerging players have shown considerable concern in competing in these markets.

In this podcast, Christopher Baugh and Dallas Kasaboski, experts in satellite infrastructure, discuss the market landscape. They provide insights on how operators and vendors can learn from SpaceX’s trajectory in order to successfully compete in these dynamic growth markets.

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Hear from:

Christopher Baugh

Partner, expert in space and satellite

Dallas Kasaboski

Principal Analyst, expert in space and satellite