6G: emerging industry visions for the next mobile generation

23 April 2024 | Research

Simon Sherrington | Stephen Burton

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (19 slides) | Telecoms Strategy and Forecast

"6G research projects are looking at a wide range of interesting, novel and evolutionary technologies, but not enough work is being done on what customers will want to use – and pay for."


The deployment of commercial 6G networks is unlikely to happen until the 2030s, yet a large numbers of organisations (nearly 400 at the latest count) are already investing billions of dollars in research and development.

This report provides a framework to show how 6G visions are coalescing, how the ecosystem is developing to crystallise those visions, and to illustrate the R&D efforts being initiated around the world.

Questions answered in this report

  • What will 6G look like? What will it bring in addition to 5G?
  • How much investment is going into 6G R&D?
  • Which types of organisation are investing in 6G R&D?
  • Which technologies and concepts are receiving the most attention and investment?
  • Where are gaps emerging between 6G visions and the R&D being undertaken?

Who should read this report

  • Vendors should read this report to understand how their own research fits with the visions and technologies being developed elsewhere.
  • Operators should read this report to help them to understand how their networks might evolve, what opportunities 6G might bring and what technology changes might be required.
  • Governments should read this report to help them understand how to support 6G technology developments in their own countries.
  • Research organisations should read this report to help them guide their own R&D efforts, and ensure they are relevant for 6G.


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Simon Sherrington

Research Director

Stephen Burton

Research Analyst