Big data analytics via satellite, 5th edition

01 December 2021 | Research

Prachi Kawade

Forecast report

This report takes a deep dive into the current state of the market, technology, and business trends in the world of satellite big data. This comprehensive analysis examines prospects for the satellite industry to leverage big data, both in satellite communications and satellite Earth Observation markets. The report provides industry-leading analysis and forecasting for multiple segments making the move towards digitalization and Big Data technologies and is the only report analyzing opportunity for the Network Management/Utilization market, across sectors and regions.

Exploring the market outlook for the next decade, the report  assesses the next generation insights derived from big data continuing to present a viable market opportunity across verticals.

Information included in this report

  • NEW in this edition: dedicated discussion of pricing strategies across platforms and service types as well as EO data segmentation resolutions
  • Discussion of data relay networks across regions
  • Impact assessment of Edge Computing/ML developments in the EO and M2M/IoT satcom space
  • Appraisal of upstream market trends impacting satellite big data by segment and region
  • Details of technology trends reducing the cost of data acquisition, storage, and analytics
  • A detailed picture of key industry deals over the last year
  • Evaluates the effects of the pandemic on vertical-specific forecasting across regions
  • A comprehensive 'state-of-the-market' analysis for the satellite Big Data market
  • Assesses key business and technological trends driving industry adoption
  • Examines big data investment opportunities and benefits for satellite
  • Analysis of industry service models within the major verticals
  • Appraisal of market trends across different verticals, identifying what is driving the opportunity within each 10-year forecasting of industry revenue in multiple vertical markets and regions

Who should purchase this report

  • Communications Satellite Operators
  • Earth Observation Satellite Operators
  • Service Providers and Systems Integrators
  • Policy and Regulatory Authorities
  • IT and Software Companies
  • Analytics Solutions Providers
  • Value-added Resellers
  • Public Agencies
  • International Organizations
  • Investment Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Big Data Analytics Solutions Providers
  • Transport operators


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