Opportunities for operators in the connected home

04 November 2021 | Research

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (19 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services| Fixed–Mobile Convergence

"Fixed broadband operators can use their customer premises equipment (CPE) to offer services associated with home Wi-Fi and to enhance the attractiveness of their core offers."


Retail fixed broadband markets are becoming more competitive and high-speed access is no longer a powerful differentiator. Fixed broadband operators of all types, whether incumbents or new FTTP entrants, need to maximise subscriber take-up and ARPU growth in competitive retail markets.

Key questions answered in this report

  • What are the main opportunities for operators in the connected home segment?
  • Could operators develop platform-based business models for the connected home?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of offering different services associated with home Wi-Fi such as connected home cyber-security and Wi-Fi sensing solutions?
  • What is the optimal retail strategy for operators offering services related to the connected home?

How fixed broadband operators can play a leading role in the connected home


Source: Analysys Mason


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