Fixed–Mobile Convergence


This programme provides strategic insights for operators that are developing fixed–mobile convergence (FMC) services and solutions. It identifies best practices for offering FMC bundles and studies the financial and operating advantages (and risks) associated with FMC. We provide historical and 5-year forecast data on key metrics (such as number of FMC accounts and FMC revenue), covering operators in 18 countries worldwide.


  • Commercial impact of FMC​. Assessing the impact of FMC discounts on operators’ profits​.
  • Services beyond connectivity​. Studying which services and products beyond connectivity that operators can add to FMC bundles.
  • FMC for the business segment​. Analysing how operators can sell FMC bundles to business customers.

Questions answered

  • Which options do operators have for offering FMC services beyond the usual discounting approach to improve their operating margins?​
  • Which are the most effective strategies for bundling connectivity and non-connectivity services?​
  • Which services and products beyond connectivity can operators add to their FMC bundles, to increase customers’ spending?
  • What is hindering the adoption of FMC bundles among business customers?
  • Which are the most effective strategies for selling FMC bundles to the business segment?

Programme head Stefano Porto Bonacci

Stefano Porto Bonacci Senior Analyst