Operator approaches to digital sub-brands in the Middle East and North Africa: case studies and analysis

27 June 2022 | Research

Karim Yaici

Case studies report | PPTX and PDF (13 slides) | Digital Services| Mobile Services

"Operators in MENA should consider adapting the digital sub-brand model to non-telecoms services in order to target new segments and diversify their revenue."


Several operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have introduced new digital sub-brands since 2019, primarily to grow their market shares in the underperforming youth prepaid segment. This report provides case studies of such digital sub-brands as well as recommendations for older brands and for operators that are aspiring to launch their own digital sub-brands to capture subscriber acquisition opportunities.

Questions answered in this report

  • Which market segments do the selected sub-brands serve?
  • How do operators launch and promote their sub-brands?
  • Which features characterise the sub-brands’ offerings?
  • How do sub-brand operators differentiate their propositions from the competition?
  • To what extent have sub-brands had an impact on their parent operators’ performance metrics?

Case studies in this report

  • ANA, Ooredoo (Kuwait)
  • New Shababiah, Ooredoo (Oman)
  • Yooz, Ooredoo (Algeria)
  • Yooz, Ooredoo (Iraq)
  • Yoxo, Orange (Morocco)
  • oodi, Zain (Iraq)
  • Yaqoot, Zain (Saudi Arabia)

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