Energy satcom markets, 9th edition

01 October 2022 | Research

Vivek Prasad


Just as the satcom market faces a period of rapid supply growth, understanding end-user markets are critical in finding new opportunities, expanding current markets, and winning business from legacy services. NSR’s Energy SATCOM Markets, 9th Edition report explores applications driving demand, and assesses throughput and revenue opportunities. Building on NSR’s long standing research into this key satellite communications market, this report focuses on building a strategy for growth. As macroeconomic factors see a global shift in energy requirements needs and supply, ESM9 examines and details the impact of capacity pricing, new Non-GEO HTS systems, and the evolving dynamics unfolding in IoT form factors. The highest-end, largest sites in the Energy Markets (think FPSOs, large-scale mines, significant Onshore O&G installations) migrate towards Non-GEO HTS, satellite technology becomes highly cost competitive against terrestrial deployments.

This report evaluates which markets will yield the best growth, for which segments of the satcom value chain, and for what types of capacity? Focusing on the Oil and Gas, Mining, and Renewable Energy markets, the report is a guide for growth to product managers, strategy departments, and satellite operators looking at charting a path for further capacity demand.

Who should purchase this report 

  • Satcom operators
  • Oil and gas personnel
  • Mining operators
  • Other players in the energy value chain
  • Investors


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Vivek Prasad

Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite