Global satellite ground segment, 8th edition

01 November 2023 | Research

Vivek Prasad


This report covers detailed analysis and forecasts of the satellite ground equipment sector. The study leverages NSR’s extensive and in-depth satellite sector-level knowledge to analyse shipments and equipment revenue for the following industry segments:

  • satellite TV
  • consumer broadband
  • enterprise VSAT
  • wireless backhaul
  • trunking
  • aeronautical satcom
  • maritime satcom
  • land mobile
  • baseband equipment
  • satcom Earth stations
  • M2M/IoT

The satellite ground segment market is witnessing mixed trends across different sectors, driven by the addition of new capacity, changing competitive landscape, digital transformations, innovation, and new technology infusion. The report offers insights and strategic recommendations for industry stakeholders by sector, enabling them to identify upcoming opportunities and challenges, and derive appropriate actions. Key variables such as shipments and revenue segmented by region, equipment type and frequency bands are analysed and presented in the report.

Questions answered in this report

  • What is the market opportunity for equipment shipments and revenue across applications, frequency bands and regions?
  • How is the landscape evolving between GEO Versus Non-GEO?
  • What are the challenges and recommendations within the satellite ground segment market?
  • What are the future technologies impacting the ground segment and the overall satcom market?
  • What is the estimated market share of the different players?

Who should purchase this report

  • Satellite operators
  • Satcom equipment manufacturers
  • Service providers and integrators
  • Satcom service providers
  • Investors and financial institutions

Covered in this report

  • NEW in this edition: strategic recommendations by sector
  • 11 verticals: satellite TV, consumer broadband, enterprise VSAT, wireless backhaul, trunking, aeronautical satcom, maritime satcom, land mobile, baseband equipment, satcom Earth stations, M2M/IoT
  • Forecasts for 5 regions: North America (NAM), Latin America (LAM), Europe (EU), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Asia
  • Forecast by frequency bands: FSS (C, Ku, Ka), Geo HTS (C, Ku, Ka) and Non-Geo HTS
  • Forecast variables: shipments and equipment revenue
  • Forecast by equipment type: modem, antenna and RF chains (typically) 

The data in the associated Excel workbook is split by the following metrics

Application or sector

  • Satellite TV  
  • Consumer Broadband  
  • Enterprise VSAT  
  • Wireless Backhaul  
  • Trunking  
  • Aeronautical Satcom  
  • Maritime Satcom  
  • Land Mobile  
  • Baseband Equipment  
  • Satcom Earth Stations  
  • M2M/IoT

Geographical region

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Middle East and Africa

Equipment type

  • Satellite TV – STB & Antenna  
  • Consumer Broadband – Modem & Antenna  
  • Enterprise VSAT – Modem, Antenna & RF chains 
  • Wireless Backhaul – Modem, Antenna & RF chains
  • Trunking – Modem, Antenna & RF chains 
  • Aeronautical Satcom – Modem, Antenna & RF chains 
  • Maritime Satcom – Modem, Antenna & RF chains 
  • Land Mobile – Handhelds, Fixed voice & P-T-T, Consumer Handhelds & Satsleeves, COTP, Hotspot devices, SNG and Connected vehicles  
  • Baseband Equipment – Small network, medium network, and large network 
  • Satcom Earth Stations – Antenna & RF chains 
  • M2M/IoT – Proprietary, VSAT and 5G/Standards

Additional segmentation

By frequency bands, applications or technology

  • Satellite TV – SD, HD, and Ultra-HD 
  • Consumer Broadband – FSS (C/Ku/Ka), GEO-HTS, and Non-GEO-HTS 
  • Enterprise VSAT – FSS (C/Ku/Ka), GEO-HTS (C/Ku/Ka), and Non-GEO-HTS
  • Wireless Backhaul – FSS (C/Ku/Ka), GEO-HTS (C/Ku/Ka), and Non-GEO-HTS 
  • Trunking – FSS (C/Ku/Ka), GEO-HTS (C/Ku/Ka), and Non-GEO-HTS 
  • Aeronautical Satcom – FSS/HTS and L-band 
  • Maritime Satcom – FSS (C/Ku/Ka), GEO-HTS (C/Ku/Ka), Non-GEO-HTS, MSS narrowband and MSS broadband  
  • Land Mobile – Nil  
  • Baseband Equipment – Fixed enterprise, Consumer broadband and Mobility 
  • Satcom Earth Stations – GEO & Non-GEO 
  • M2M/IoT – Nil


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Vivek Prasad

Senior Analyst, expert in space and satellite