Lunar markets, 3rd edition

01 March 2023 | Research

Prachi Kawade


NSR’s Lunar Markets, 3rd Edition builds on extensive research into satellite manufacturing, launch, in-orbit services, and various satellite & space applications, drawing on historic developments and current announcements for the Lunar & Cis-Lunar orbit & surface infrastructure. This industry leading report provides a comprehensive overview, and in-depth analysis, of multiple market verticals including, Crew & Cargo, Science & Technology Development, Transportation, Communications and Robotics.

Following the continued commercialization of low Earth orbit, space agencies have set their sights on building a sustainable presence on and near the Moon as the next step in the evolution of the space activities. Transitioning away from the ISS, space agencies are making significant investment that the commercial sector is leveraging to make the lunar market the next frontier in space. Lunar Markets, 3rd Edition provides both the state-of-the-market perspective, as well as the near and long-term strategic considerations to take advantages of the many new opportunities that this market will open up over the next decade. Critical insights are provided into the potential Lunar market, national/international space agency relationships and their objectives with private enterprise, commercial progress, and government/military players aims & objectives.

Key questions answered in this report

  • How large will the lunar market be in the next ten years?
  • Who are the leading players, by sector & vertical, driving this market?
  • What is the private sector role in the lunar economy?
  • What is the government vs. commercial opportunity for the lunar market?
  • What are the strategic considerations to competing in the lunar economy?
  • How is the market demand changing with different phases of market evolution?

Who should purchase this report

  • Space Agencies
  • Insurance brokers/providers
  • Investors and financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Satellite operators, manufacturers, and integrators
  • Lunar Services Providers
  • Launch vehicle manufacturers
  • Launch brokers and integrators
  • Sub-system and component manufacturers
  • Ground systems manufacturers and service providers
  • Regulatory agencies and Policy Makers
  • Data analytics companies
  • Anyone Seeking the Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Actionable Analysis of Lunar Markets


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