Mobile packet core networks: worldwide forecast 2020–2028

03 July 2023 | Research

Caroline Gabriel | James Kirby

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (17 slides); XLSX | Next-Generation Wireless Networks

“The deployment of 5G standalone networks will start slowly but will increase to drive revenue growth in the 5G core market at a CAGR of 29% during the forecast period.”


This report provides forecasts for vendor revenue generated by the mobile packet core networks and associated services, between 2022 and 2028. Market growth will accelerate from 2024 and revenue will reach USD23.2 billion by 2028, 96% of which will be 5G-related. Our report analyses the growth patterns at a granular level, by region, architecture and network functions category.

This report provides:

  • a detailed, 5-year worldwide forecast for spending in the virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) software market, split into:
    • four core types: 4G evolved packet core (EPC), 5G EPC, 5G core and converged core
    • three architecture types: physical, virtualised and cloud-native
    • five network function (xNF) types: IMS, SDM/HSS, UPF, control plane functions, PCF
    • eight geographical regions: Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), developed Asia–Pacific (DVAP), emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP), Latin America (LATAM), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), North America (NA), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Western Europe (WE)
  • a detailed market definition
  • recommendations for CSPs and vendors.


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Caroline Gabriel

Research Director, expert in network and cloud strategies and architecture

James Kirby

Senior Analyst