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Professionally monitored security services: case studies and analysis

14 October 2021 | Research

Simon Lumb

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (19 slides) | Fixed Broadband Services| Fixed–Mobile Convergence

"There is still significant room for growth in most countries for professionally monitored security services, although the low-churn nature of the service means that M&A remains the safest means for operators to enter the sector."


This report focuses on the professionally monitored security (PMS) offers of five operators in four different countries in North America and Western Europe. We assess the rationale behind each of the operator's launches, provide an overview of how these operators have entered the market and consider how successful each has been in this market space.

Key questions answered in this report

  • What is the overall subscriber/revenue opportunity in professionally monitored security services?
  • How do strategies differ between operators that offer professionally monitored security services?
  • How successful have operators been in this space?
  • What are the key limitations to success for operators?

Companies included as case studies

  • AT&T (USA)
  • Comcast (USA)
  • Orange (France)
  • Telefónica (Spain)
  • Telus (Canada)


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