Radio access networks: worldwide forecast 2019–2023

18 February 2020 | Research

Forecast report | PPT and PDF (25 slides) | Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"MNO spending in the RAN market will grow to reach USD41.2 billion in 2023 as MNOs deploy 5G networks, improve their non-5G network capacity and coverage, and implement vRAN."

This report provides forecasts for mobile network operator (MNO) spending on radio access network (RAN) equipment for 2019–2023. Spending on 5G-compatible RAN will increase at a CAGR of 62% as MNOs continue to build out their 5G networks. Non-5G spending will fall at CAGR of –16% and some 4G/5G spending will shift to virtual RAN (vRAN) technology.

This forecast report provides:

  • a detailed, 5-year worldwide forecast for spending in the RAN equipment market, split into:
    • two market segments: sites and technology
    • five market sub-segments: macro, micro and mini-macro (sites), and 5G and non-5G (technology)
    • eight geographical regions: Central and Eastern Europe (CEE); developed Asia–Pacific (DVAP), emerging Asia–Pacific (EMAP); Latin America (LATAM); the Middle East and North Africa (MENA); North America (NA); Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Western Europe (WE)
  • an examination of key market drivers and inhibitors, and how they will change during the forecast period
  • analysis of the business environment and regional dynamics that will influence the digital infrastructure market
  • a detailed market definition
  • recommendations for communications service providers (CSPs) and vendors.

USD 7999

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