Multi-cloud networking software vendors: case studies and analysis

17 November 2023 | Research

Ameer Gaili

Case studies report | PPTX and PDF (26 slides) | Multi-Cloud Networking

"Multi-cloud networking software vendors are well-positioned to meet the accelerating demand of enterprises and CSPs for simplified and programmable cloud connectivity."


This report analyses and compares the multi-cloud networking (MCN) offerings of nine software vendors. This emerging market consists of a mix of vendors with various capabilities and focus areas, but these vendors are trending towards providing complete networking solutions for enterprises and communications service providers (CSPs). The report also provides strategy recommendations for each category of software vendor.

Key questions answered in this report

  • Who are the key players in the MCN software market?
  • What are the main components of MCN software solutions?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of different MCN software vendors?
  • What are the key differentiators of each MCN software vendor?
  • Which vendors offer the most-complete MCN software solutions?

Company coverage

  • Arrcus
  • Aviatrix
  • Cisco
  • DriveNets
  • F5
  • IBM
  • Nokia
  • Prosimo
  • VMware



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Ameer Gaili