Space data downlink markets

01 June 2022 | Research

Prachi Kawade


This report provides precision analysis of the market opportunity for satellite data downlink across three key applications: Earth observation (EO), situational awareness (SA) and science. NSR’s latest offering provides an overview of current market trends across each application, key market players and forecasting of total market opportunity for satellite data traffic in terms of volume and service revenues. Existing type of pricing models and pricing trends are assessed.

This report is based on our resarch into global satellite manufacturing and launch, cloud computing via satellite, global satellite ground segment, Earth observation markets across EO, SA and Science applications. It examines the impact of cloud technologies, data relay and other emerging technologies on data downlink market. The report details overall funding trends, key players and missions driving demand.

Who should purchase this report

  • Ground station operators
  • Ground service providers
  • Communication Satellite Operators
  • EO Satellite Operators
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Satcom Service Providers
  • Big Data and Geospatial Analytics Providers
  • Data relay satellite operators
  • Data relay service providers
  • R&D organisations
  • Systems integrators
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Computing Hardware and Software Providers
  • Space Agencies and Government Institutions


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