Space ESG assessment

01 January 2023 | Research

Sarah Halpin


Report Summary NSR’s first edition of the Space ESG Assessment report offers readers answers to the key questions on ESG and the Space & Satellite market. Interest in ESG has been on a steady rise through the last decade, cumulating in its inclusion in numerous global space related company metrics of strategy though 2022. However, in such a vast industry -its place, definition and usage remains a hotly debated topic. NSR’s Space ESG Assessment provides an overview of how and where ESG is situated in the space industry. The report details the current strategies for ESG within the space industry, examining the ramifications of the war in Ukraine and global “post Pandemic” economic recovery push on interest in and how investors are approaching this topic. Recommendations are offered regarding key revenue opportunities and investment considerations for players wishing to engage with ESG activities within this sector.

Key questions answered in this report

  • What is the current state of play for ESG factors within the Space Industry?
  • How are current events impacted ESG development in the Space Industry?
  • Is there a difference in ESG for start-ups versus established players
  • Is there an opportunity for Satellite & Space sector players?

Who should purchase this report

  • Industry players examining the utility and impact of ESG in their organizations
  • Potential Investors Players aiming to raise capital via ESG Investment Funds


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