Aftermarket automotive propositions: the opportunity for operators

05 December 2018 | Research

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (12 slides) | IoT Services

"Automotive connectivity contracts are subject to increasing competition and high price erosion. Operators have several options for capturing a larger share of the revenue."

Aftermarket automotive connectivity contracts are subject to increasing price competition. Operators can improve their prospects of winning these contracts by building an understanding of customer's requirements. They can also capture a larger share of the addressable revenue by providing a full service proposition through partnerships or by building their own solution.

This report provides:

  • research and recommendations on the requirements for aftermarket automotive connectivity
  • analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of partnership models
  • an assessment of the risk and rewards of building operator-owned solutions for aftermarket automotive propositions
  • examples of operators' approaches to addressing the market.


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