How CSPs can develop their assurance capabilities to meet the demands of cloud-native virtual infrastructure

07 June 2024 | Research

Dennisa Nichiforov

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Automated Assurance

"To efficiently manage network complexities and the challenges associated with new use cases, assurance processes must embrace higher levels of automation and become more dynamic and adaptable."


The shift to cloud-based and programmable networks is making network management more complex. The existing assurance systems, which were built for simpler networks, are struggling to cope with this complexity and the unique demands of emerging 5G and AI technologies.

Information included in this report

  • An overview of the challenges that communications service providers (CSPs) face in assuring cloud-native environments delivered over virtual infrastructure
  • Strategies for CSPs to efficiently manage changes in their networks
  • Changes that CSPs can adopt to improve monitoring 
  • Recommendations for how CSPs can streamline the management of their networks and IT environments


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Dennisa Nichiforov

Senior Analyst