Orchestrating the future of service delivery: demystifying end-to-end service orchestration

12 January 2024 | Research

Alex Bilyi

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (11 slides) | Service Design and Orchestration

"Convergence paves the way for closed-loop automation, which, together with autonomous networking, will be essential for new services such as network slicing."


Increasing service and network complexity, as well as increasingly demanding customer requirements, are forcing communications service providers (CSPs) to consolidate their processes using an end-to-end service orchestrator. For this report, Analysys Mason conducted a short survey among the leading vendors in the telecoms market about end-to end service orchestration systems (E2ESO) to collect feedback on what they believe end-to-end service orchestration should entail and their stances on E2ESO’s market development. 

Information included in this report

  • An analysis of end-to-end service orchestration solutions and strategies
  • Information and insights that telecoms vendors can draw upon when formulating their own end-to-end service orchestration strategies
  • An annex that includes a selection of proposed end-to-end service orchestration architectures (including those solutions that surveyed vendors positioned themselves with most frequently)


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