Service Design and Orchestration


The research in this programme focuses on the evolution of communications service providers’ (CSPs’) traditional fulfilment systems and processes towards highly agile, automated, self-service-based and intent-driven service design and orchestration systems that use real-time dynamic inventory, service catalogues and topology; planning/optimisation systems for virtual networks; and model-based configuration systems that use highly abstracted network APIs to activate services.


  • Using AI to create autonomous workflows and generate good-quality data and insights to improve processes that are currently done manually. 
  • Creating a programmable network to support new CSP business models in a delayered market.
  • Supporting hyperautomation for network optimisation and planning.

Questions answered

  • What are the implications of managing complex partner ecosystems?
  • How should CSPs implement non-real-time RIC and service management orchestration (SMO)?
  • Do digital twins save CSPs money?
  • How can CSPs maintain high-quality data in a next-generation inventory management system?
  • How do CSPs create a usable data store in an increasingly dynamic IT-based network ?
  • How can CSPs best implement closed-loop with assurance systems ?
  • Will tightly integrated all-in-one SaaS-based platforms prevail in the market ?
  • How does AI help to provide hyper-automations for closed-loop processes?

Programme head Alex Bilyi

Alex Bilyi Analyst