IoT in the automotive sector: trends and forecast 2018–2027

13 March 2019 | Research

Forecast report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides); Excel | IoT Services

"The total number of automotive connections will grow from 164 million in 2018 to 831 million in 2027. The automotive market will expand to include low- and higher-bandwidth connections (using LTE-M and 5G, respectively)."

The automotive sector represents the largest opportunity for operator IoT revenue growth but is subject to fierce competition. This report presents our forecast for the growth in the number of connections and revenue in this sector, and provides an overview of the technology trends and the challenges faced by operators that are targeting this area.

This report provides:

  • a worldwide connections forecast for the automotive market, split by application (passenger vehicles with embedded connectivity, passenger vehicles with aftermarket connectivity and fleet vehicles split by HGV and LCV)
  • a worldwide connections forecast for the automotive market, split by LTE-M and 5G, and analysis of the key drivers for these emerging technologies
  • regional analysis of the connections forecast and a discussion on the automotive IoT adoption rates in different regions
  • a forecast of the worldwide automotive IoT connectivity revenue, split by application, and total blended ARPC
  • a forecast of the total value chain revenue, split by component (hardware, connectivity and application).


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