IoT in smart water and gas metering: the role of NB-IoT and operators

29 July 2020 | Research

Ibraheem Kasujee

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (17 slides) | IoT Services

"Operators have the tools to offer smart water and gas meter solutions but face competition from more-experienced players that are using proprietary solutions."

Telecoms operators’ LPWA connectivity solutions are well-suited to support the connectivity requirements for smart water and gas metering, but competition from alternative communications technologies is fierce. Operators must demonstrate that they are credible suppliers by highlighting the benefits of their LPWA networks and by partnering with smart metering specialists.

This report provides:

  • a summary of the key commercial and technical requirements of connecting smart water and gas meters
  • recommendations for operators on how cellular networks can meet the requirements of smart water and gas metering, and on working with partners to provide a different route-to-market
  • profiles of six firms that are involved in various parts of the IoT smart water or gas meter connectivity value chain.


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Ibraheem Kasujee

Senior Analyst