Mobile pricing strategies in a high-inflation context: insights for operators

16 August 2023 | Research

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (7 slides) | Mobile Services

"Operators need to raise revenue as quickly as costs are rising if they are to avoid margin pressure and, in an increasingly saturated market, this involves raising prices."


High inflation rates are affecting many economies, posing a threat to telecoms operators’ margins and their ability to retain customers. Many operators are trying boost revenue levels by raising prices, which presents many challenges. This report looks at four main pricing strategies  that operators have adopted in countries where inflation is high, and analyses the main implications of these initiatives.

Information included in this report

  • Analysis of the four main pricing strategies that operators have adopted in countries affected by high inflation
  • A review of the main implications that each strategy has for operators, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each approach
  • Recommedations that telecoms operators can draw upon when formulating their own strategies

For more information, see Mobile pricing strategies in a high-inflation context: 10 operator case studies.


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