Combining private networks and edge computing: the opportunity for operators

03 December 2021 | Research

Michele Mackenzie Tom Rebbeck

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (8 slides) | Private Networks

"Telecoms operators have the opportunity to get ahead of the trend for combined edge computing and private networks solutions, but they will need to be proactive and take some risks."


Private networks and edge computing are hot topics for telecoms operators, but the take-up of solutions that combine the two as been low to-date. Operators need to develop a strategy to drive demand and win a high share of that demand, even though they will mostly be reliant on partners for the technology itself.

This report provides:

  • data on the take-up of combined edge computing and private networks solutions
  • details of the challenges facing telecoms operators as they enter this market
  • suggestions for how operators can be proactive in promoting their solutions
  • ideas for how operators can differentiate their offers
  • a longer-term perspective on how operators can benefit from the move to the greater use of the wide network for private connectivity and edge computing solutions.


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