Public edge computing: the opportunity for third-party CDN providers

28 January 2021 | Research

Gorkem Yigit

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Edge and Media Platforms

"CDN providers can capture a bigger share of the USD70 billion public edge market by building common, flexible platforms that can support a wide variety of use cases."


Third-party CDN providers are increasingly positioning themselves as public edge computing players, but their traditional CDN infrastructure and ecosystems are not fit for purpose to capture broader edge market opportunities. The public edge computing market is forecast to reach USD70 billion by 2030 and new use cases will span many different verticals. This report gives recommendations for CDN providers that want to capture this market opportunity.

This report provides:

  • recommendations for third-party CDN providers on how to fully exploit the public edge computing opportunity, transform their infrastructure and expand their partner ecoystems
  • a forecast of the total spending on public edge computing by enterprises, including those in the media and entertainment vertical
  • an overview of the public edge computing value chain and the existing and emerging roles for third-party CDN providers within it
  • an analysis of third-party CDN providers’ edge IaaS and PaaS capabilities compared to those of other key players in the value chain.


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Gorkem Yigit

Research Director