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Automation is critical to reduce the TCO of current operations and support new business models in the 5G era

17 December 2020 | Research

Caroline Gabriel Anil Rao

Video and podcast | Operator Investment Strategies| Network Automation and Orchestration


Caroline Gabriel, Principal Analyst, and Anil Rao, Principal Analyst, gave this presentation at Analysys Mason's tenth anniversary Telecoms Summit on 2 December 2020. This virtual event was designed to help operators and vendors to understand the key drivers and trends that are influencing the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry worldwide.

The presentation covers the following topics.

  • Automation is one of the areas of opportunity for TCO reduction
  • How can operators use automation to save up to USD130 billion in the next 10 years?
  • Automation will bring much more than TCO savings; it is essential for managing the complexity of 5G networks
  • Automation will also be critical to support new B2B business models such as NaaS and slicing at scale

Analysys Mason's Telecoms Summit 2020

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