Network Automation and Orchestration

Analysys Mason's Network Automation and Orchestration research programme provides insights into the evolution of the network from physical infrastructure elements managed by network and element management systems (NMS/EMS) to a hybrid physical–virtual, software-controlled, more-automated and self-managed, adaptive network. Such a network is orchestrated and controlled by SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network functions virtualisation) principles.

This programme addresses the competitive and strategic challenges of network automation and orchestration that are presented by the transition from physical to virtual networks. In addition, our research provides critical insights into the prospects for established and emerging network management, automation and orchestration products and related professional services.

Key themes

  • Operationalising hybrid networks: best practices for implementing intent-based networking and real-time reconfiguration in hybrid physical-virtual networks.
  • WAN SDN trends (including SD-WAN): progress in creating WAN SDN platforms from multiple, disparate tools. Are network configurators the new service activation tools?
  • Next-generation network management: tracking and quantifying the evolution of EMS/NMS to support a more multi- vendor, autonomous, adaptive network. How might that evolution overlap with or complement SDN and network orchestration efforts and VIM?
  • Open networking and disaggregation: tracking the move away from purpose-built, monolithic network elements to more-open, disaggregated centrally controlled, white box and other components.
  • 5G x-haul network requirements: new capacity, topology and architecture requirements for 5G evolution, such as those compelled by cloud-RAN and mobile-access edge computing (MEC), and how these requirements will affect fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul networks.

Programme head Justin van der Lande

Justin van der Lande Research Director