Telecoms, media and technology services

Our consulting and research expertise in telecoms, media and technology is helping change clients’ businesses for the better.

Over the last 30 years we have developed skills and techniques that deliver real-world results.

Specialist telecoms consultancy

One of the features that set our consultancy work apart is our exclusive focus on telecoms, media and technology. We are specialists, and proud of it.

Analysys Mason works with clients around the world and across all telecoms, media and technology sectors.

We work with communications and digital service providers, vendors, financial and strategic investors, private equity and infrastructure funds, governments, regulators, broadcasters and service and content providers.

Our consulting sector specialists understand the distinct local challenges facing clients, in addition to the wider effects of global forces.

We are future-focused and help clients understand the challenges and opportunities new technology brings.

Increasingly we are helping operators move into new frontiers and identifying value in digital services.

We never forget that the point of consultancy is to make a tangible difference to our clients' businesses.

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Research programmes and data 

In terms of our research, many of the world’s leading telecoms network operators, vendors, regulators and investors subscribe to our research programmes and rely on our insight to inform their decision making.

Our dedicated analyst team tracks and forecasts the services accessed by consumers and enterprises.

Our research offers detailed insight into the telecoms software, infrastructure and technology delivering those services.

Clients also have the opportunity to engage one-to-one with our subject-matter experts for tailored advice on critical business issues.

Analysys Mason's DataHub also provides access to more than 1400 metrics in over 80 individual markets at the click of a mouse.

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