Expert legal support

Unrivalled sector expertise, combined with our strong quantitative skills, has enabled Analysys Mason to build up an outstanding track record in litigation support for fixed, mobile and satellite operators.

We can provide assistance to a wide variety of clients – and for many types of dispute – and we have developed modelling methodologies for calculating damages and building winning cases.

Analysys Mason’s global experience in litigation support and expert witness services:

Analysys Mason’s global experience in litigation support and expert witness services

How we can help you

Our consultants and analysts have worked with public bodies and private companies from around the world.

They have been witnesses or provided expert technical advice in a range of proceedings, including:

  • the provision of expert witness services in an arbitration case between the former owners of a mobile network operator in a CIS state and the government of that state, assessing the damages incurred under a number of potential market development scenarios
  • support to a Western European alternative operator in a legal dispute with the incumbent regarding abuse of market power
  • the provision of economic, business case and litigation support advice for a regional development agency programme in response to a complaint made to the European Commission's Directorate General for Competition
  • support to a major satellite teleport operator in the Middle East which was involved in a legal dispute with the owner of the land on which the teleport was constructed.

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