Market review

Analysys Mason is active in leading the way in regulatory market reviews.

We help regulators and other government bodies to:

  • assess the level of competition in telecoms markets
  • develop public policies
  • impose remedies in markets which lack effective competition (under the EU regulatory framework). 

For operators, our market reviews help to develop a regulatory strategy by anticipating – or reacting to – decisions made by regulators.

Depth of expertise

In conducting our reviews, we are able to draw upon:

  • a detailed understanding of telecoms markets from our work with operators
  • many years of regulatory and policy experience, which we have developed through a comprehensive knowledge of economics and competition policy
  • a strong capability in economic analysis, including a robust and thorough understanding of market dynamics, the nature and extent of competition, and consumer welfare
  • an existing methodology, tailored to the rapidly evolving telecoms sector, which uses a wide range of structural and behavioural indicators, including market growth, market concentration, product and price competition, and barriers to entry.

Our experience in this area includes working with the European Commission in 2006 to review the EU Regulatory Framework, and working with clients to assess the substitutability of fixed and mobile services.

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