Smart cities and infrastructure

Globally, new technologies and telecoms networks are being deployed that enable services to be provided in a 'smart' way. These new technologies and networks are needed to improve the living experience in cities, towns and smaller communities, and to enhance the performance of infrastructure such as utilities, railways and road networks, and other transport infrastructure.

How we can help

We can help policy makers, municipalities and network operators (telecoms and other critical infrastructure such as energy and transport) by advising on:

  • Policy formulation
  • Market trends
  • Technology developments
  • Regulatory matters
  • Economic modelling
  • Attracting investment
  • Implementation strategy.

We use our complementary practice areas such as spectrum policy, and our dedicated research programmes such as the Internet of Things (IoT), programme to consider the myriad of inter-related issues associated with 'smart' to deliver best-value advice to our clients.

Examples of relevant projects include:

  • For a global industry association, production of a policy paper setting out recommendations for regulators and policy makers on issues related to smart cities
  • Analysis of fibre network costs for a city authority, to support implementation of its smart-city strategy
  • Development of a services strategy for a national telecoms operator's smart cities proposition
  • Feasibility study for a smart-city testbed, on behalf of a national innovation centre for future cities
  • Future telecoms networks strategy for the smart-grid operations of an electricity distribution company
  • Study of the feasibility of sharing transport and utility network infrastructure for fixed and mobile telecoms network deployment, for a banking institution
  • Value-for-money review and strategy development for future telecoms services, for a national electricity transmission company
  • Identification of potential M2M/IoT connectivity providers for a global supplier to the airline industry
  • For a global mobile operator, development of IoT market forecasts covering over 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia–Pacific, North America and Latin America, encompassing a range of vertical markets (including automotive, transport and logistics, utilities, consumer electronics, security, smart cities, health, manufacturing and retail)
  • A study on regulatory options to promote investment in 5G and IoT networks in Europe, for a wireless telecoms equipment vendor

Analysys Mason strategy reports and case studies on related topics, including:

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