Mobile Services

This programme helps operators to understand, and monetise to maximum efficiency, the interplay between mobile voice, messaging and data services. It addresses revenue generation and churn reduction challenges from multiple angles, such as data monetisation, customer retention, convergence, regulation and roaming.

The programme is driven by a wealth of primary research, which informs evidence-driven insights. Our strategic guidance is backed by evidence and expertise in each region.


  • Monetising and marketing mobile data, and 4G positioning
  • Assessing the performance of shared data plans
  • Mobile customer retention strategies
  • Understanding the role of mobile services in converged bundles and the impact of convergence on mobile markets
  • Identifying growth opportunities for MVNOs in emerging markets, with a focus on Asia–Pacific as well as the Middle East and North Africa
  • Evaluating the impact of roaming regulations

Lead analyst

Research Director, Consumer Services +44 20 7395 9000
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