Operator investment

As demand for data and for digital services grow, operators face a continuous balancing act around investment in networks, spectrum, software and services. They have to develop a rigorous strategy for addressing increasing demand for, and competition in, fixed and mobile infrastructure and capacity, while at the same time working out the extent and manner of their engagement in the fast-moving digital economy.

Analysys Mason's Operator Investment practice dives deep into the trends, opportunities and threats with regard to every aspect of investment. As well as raw data sets and interpretative analysis and insights, companies can benefit from direct access to our principal networks analysts, who each have at least 10 years of experience on the subject.

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  • Spectrum auction tracker 2Q 2019

    Analysys Mason’s 'Spectrum auction tracker' provides granular, accurate details and analysis of concluded auctions and planned auctions of mobile and fixed wireless spectrum, reaching back to 2005.

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  • Changing investment patterns will force cablecos to open their networks

    In recent weeks, there have been clear signs that the European cable broadband business model is under pressure. The sector is moving towards using a wholesale model, either as a result of regulation, or, more significantly, as a voluntary measure. This comment shows why this is happening.

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  • Next-generation PON deployments: the drivers are becoming more apparent

    Operators worldwide are beginning to deploy next-generation passive optical network (PON) technology and announce timelines for such roll-outs. However, many other fibre operators have yet to roll out next-generation PON networks and are seeking to understand the rationale behind early deployments. This comment examines the current and future drivers of such roll-outs.

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