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Telecoms software and services market share reports

Introduction to the telecoms software and services worldwide market share reports

Analysys Mason's Telecoms Software and Networks (TSN) research team has a decade-long history of providing customers with annual worldwide market share reports that show data about communications service provider (CSP) spending for six separate segments of telecoms-specific software and related professional services, and one segment for video-related network products and professional services. Each report provides quantitative and qualitative details of how revenue varied by delivery model, service type, vendor and region. Each report also includes vendor profiles (or 'snapshots'), which provide information about the leading vendors in each segment. Our reports are based on several sources, including extensive interviews with CSPs and vendors worldwide, as well as the research conducted by Analysys Mason during the past year.

Analysys Mason also produces a consolidated worldwide market share report, Telecoms software and services: worldwide market shares 2018, which provides an overall market share of product-related and professional services spending in all of the software segments in our TSN software/services taxonomy.

The team is also expanding its market share coverage into other areas of TSN. For example, we have begun to produce radio access network (RAN) product and service revenue market share reports.

Telecoms software and services market share by vendor, worldwide, 2018

Telecoms software and services market share by vendor, worldwide, 2018

Worldwide OSS, BSS and networks market share coverage

The telecoms software and networks market share reports can be accessed by clicking on the links in the table below.

The automated assurance, network automation and assurance and service design and orchestration segments combine to provide a broad view of the operations support system (OSS) market. The AI and analytics, customer engagement and monetisation platforms segments together provide a full business support system (BSS) view. The Telecoms Software Market Shares programme provides a broad view of telecoms software and services vendors and their revenue market share.

We have two network-focused programmes that also offer market share information. The Video and Identity Platforms programme focuses on the requirements of new video services and related identity management to support proper personalisation and monetisation, and our Next-Generation Wireless Networks programme concentrates on how mobile networks are evolving from LTE to 5G to support a widening array of features, including enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT and ultra-low-latency applications.

Telecoms software and services market segment Sub-segments
Automated assurance (AA)
  • Fault and event management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Probe systems
  • Service management
  • Workforce automation
AI and analytics (AIA)
  • Business analytics
  • Network analytics
  • Revenue assurance and fraud management
Customer engagement (CE)
  • Customer service
  • Engagement platforms
  • Marketing
  • Sales
Monetisation platforms (MP)
  • Billing and charging
  • Mediation
  • Partner and interconnect
  • Policy management
Network automation and orchestration (NAO)
  • Network function virtualisation (NFV) network orchestrators
  • Virtual infrastructure managers
Service design and orchestration (SDO)
  • Activation
  • Engineering systems
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
Video and identity platforms (VIP)
  • Subscriber data management (SDM) (including identity management (IdM))
  • Video management and delivery (VMD)
Telecoms software and services: worldwide market shares 2018
  • Consolidated report that covers all seven main segments and related sub-segments

Please also see Analysys Mason’s free article Nokia overtook Huawei to lead the USD66.1 billion telecoms software and services market in 2018, which provides a broad perspective on telecoms software and services (TSS) market drivers and the top vendors in the market.

Who should read these reports?

  • Vendor strategy teams that need to understand where growth is slowing and where it is increasing across different sub-segment categories.
  • Product management teams responsible for feature functionality and geographical focus, and product marketing teams responsible for market-share growth.
  • Market intelligence teams at vendors that want to understand how their competitors compare with each other.
  • Strategy teams at vendors that assess market expansion and M&A opportunities.
  • CSPs that are planning digital and network transformation journeys and want to ensure that their current vendors are staying up to date.

The key factors strongly influencing the telecoms software market in 2018

 The key factors strongly influencing the telecoms software market in 2018

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