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Analysys Mason provides consulting services for a range of projects within the regulation and policy sector. Our depth of experience comes from our long involvement in this area. Our people have the quantitative skills, market knowledge and regulatory experience to help organisations to make the decisions that are required.

Our specific areas of expertise are the following.

Policy development and response

We provide consulting services for both national regulatory authorities (NRAs) that are developing policies and operators that must anticipate and respond to such developments.

Market review

We assist regulators and other government bodies that are undertaking market reviews.

Margin squeeze and replicability tests

We help NRAs to carry out margin squeeze and replicability tests to ensure fair competition within a value chain.

Analysing regulatory accounts

Our experts review and audit regulatory accounts.

Regulatory economic costing

We develop custom cost models for operators and regulators for both fixed and mobile costing systems.

Expert legal support

Our experts help a wide variety of clients and we have developed modelling methodologies for calculating damages and building winning cases.

Net cost of universal service

We work with regulators and operators around the world to measure the net cost of a universal service obligation (USO).

Postal sector policy, regulation and operations

Our consultants work with clients on issues such as the costing, pricing and regulation of the letters market.

Quality of service

We work with NRAs and policy makers to ensure that customers receive optimal levels of communications service.

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Developing cost models for next generation telecoms networks in Zambia

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