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Use of digital technologies is transforming the enterprise and industrial sectors and 5G technology will increasingly become a key component of these digital solutions.   

Some specific features of 5G technology such as low latency, connection reliability and ability to support a large number of devices are likely to be attractive for enterprises and industrial users.  These ultra-reliable, low latency 5G services are in the nascent stage in the market currently. However, as 5G networks are scaled up and new technological features added, it is expected that higher reliability and better reach and consistency in network coverage, suited to supporting new 5G-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications, will increasingly emerge.

Whilst MNOs can offer tailored 5G solutions using virtualised network slices, there might be business or economic reasons why enterprises, businesses or communities might prefer to deploy their own local (private) 5G infrastructure.  

Analysys Mason supports network operators, vendors and network users in their assessment of 5G opportunities and private 5G deployment, as well as advising telecoms operators, internet service companies, regulators and financial investors on all aspects of 5G investment, strategy, business planning and deployment. Our broad telecoms experience means we can help to bridge understanding between the supply and demand sides of 5G.   

Our team can help enterprise and industrial 5G users with:

Choosing a 5G solution

5G technology is designed to address a wide range of enterprise and industrial applications. Our experts can help assess the potential for public or private 5G networks to meet different business requirements and key considerations when choosing a solution

Commercial benefits

Our experts can advise on the use cases enabled by 5G and how these can be delivered (e.g. based on architecture, capacity, coverage, and devices). We can assess the commercial benefits of 5G as part of enterprise networks, eco-systems and partnerships.

Procurement support

We can help with procurement of wireless solutions by capturing business, user and functional requirements, defining statement of requirements, managing RFP processes and assisting with vendor selection.

Spectrum options

We can help understand the status of 5G deployment including spectrum deployed, services, rollout and implementations. We can advise on spectrum options for 5G (public/private) in different markets and assist with responding to regulatory consultations.

5G use cases

We can help with defining industry-specific and/or application-specific use cases and map those to 5G capabilities (coverage, capacity, architecture, devices etc.).

Cost of ownership

We can undertake cost of ownership analysis to compare whole-life costs of a private 5G deployment costs versus using a 5G public network. We can also advise on service level agreements if choosing a commercial 5G service, and. how these might be structure