Monetisation Platforms

Analysys Mason's Monetisation Platforms research programme helps communication service providers (CSPs) to determine which new revenue management software can help them to respond to challenges in the market. We focus on helping vendors to understand the competitive landscape, target investments and how to position products and services.

Our market shares and forecasts are the most comprehensive in the industry, and our analyses of market trends, vendor offerings and technological advances are deeper than any other research available.

Key themes

  • Digital transformation: the transition from a legacy framework to a real-time, cloud-based software-driven architecture environment is critical to CSPs' ambitions to become digital service providers (DSPs)
  • Cloud-native architecture: cloud-native monetisation platforms promise CSPs efficiency and agility gains and help in simplifying complex architecture
  • SaaS delivery models: although not yet mainstream in telco environments, SaaS-based models for monetisation systems offer CSPs many advantages, such as scalability, reduced cost of ownership and flexible architecture
  • Partner ecosystems: developing a thriving ecosystem by enabling third-party service providers to seamlessly onboard and offer services is crucial for CSPs especially for addressing enterprise (B2B) opportunities
  • IoT: as IoT opportunities and revenue increase, CSPs are focusing on the underlying systems that are necessary to support these new services

Programme head Justin van der Lande

Justin van der Lande Research Director