Telecoms Software Market Shares


This programme provides consolidated market share and forecast data from all applications programmes, and covers strategies, themes and trends relevant to multiple application programmes. Topics have included the migration of OSS/BSS systems to be delivered as SaaS and include new themes each year. For vendors looking to understand macro level topics that impact their markets this programme provides key data points and strategy reports and presentation to support them.


  • Hyperautomation and impact of AI and GenAI. The implications of, and implementation in, operational systems.
  • IT stack consolidation. Strategies for SaaS delivery and consolidation of disparate OSS/BSS application functions into larger integrated application platforms.
  • Industry-level transformation delayering. The impact of new wholesale models on operational systems.

Questions answered

  • How large is the OSS/BSS market and which are the most significant vendors?
  • What are the macro-level predictions for the market over the next 5 years and which sectors are most likely to be growing?
  • Which are the largest vendors in the market and how has this changed over time?
  • What are the implications of vendors that are not specific to telecoms with strong SaaS-based platforms entering the telecoms market?
  • Where is AI/GenAI being implemented, which use cases are the most mature and how are these being implemented by vendors?

Programme head Justin van der Lande

Justin van der Lande Research Director