Cloud Infrastructure Strategies


This programme helps communications service providers (CSPs) and vendors to understand the impact of the transformation of the mobile networks into programmable, AI-driven digital platforms. It tracks the adoption of cloud-native network infrastructure (5G core, vRAN/Open RAN, public and hybrid cloud), its underpinnings (such as Kubernetes, container-as-a-service (CaaS), GitOps, AI networking and compute infrastructure), and the disruption that it causes in the value chain.


  • Cloud-native network transformation. Analysing the architectural vision and adoption of cloud-native mobile networks. 
  • 5G cloud-native network automation. Exploring the emerging declarative and model-driven automation approaches, vendor landscape and operator strategies.
  • AI infrastructure. Exploring new networking and compute technologies and requirements for supporting AI workloads.

Questions answered

  • Cloud-native network transformation. What is the industry progress in adopting cloud-native technologies across mobile core and RAN (vRAN/Open RAN)? What is the market size and forecast for cloud-native networks?
  • Cloud-native network transformation. What is the traction of different network cloud deployment models (vertically-integrated, DIY and public cloud stacks) and what is their impact on the network cloud value chain?
  • 5G cloud-native network automation. How is network cloud automation evolving with Kubernetes and open-source based technologies? Which strategies should incumbent vendors and new entrants adopt to maximise their opportunities?
  • 5G cloud-native network automation. What is the new network operation model and the role of AI in this model?
  • AI infrastructure. What are the CSP strategies for building an AI-native, heterogenous infrastructure? What is the market opportunity for vendors?

Programme head Gorkem Yigit

Gorkem Yigit Research Director