Telecoms Strategy and Forecast

Analysys Mason's Telecoms Strategy and Forecast research programme looks at likely long-term changes within the telecoms market and analyses what those changes mean for short and medium-term strategies. Our analysis in this programme is focused on big issues that will have a major impact on operators’ businesses over the next five to ten years; and considers the implications for telecoms operator infrastructure spending patterns, and consequently for the vendors selling to them.

Key themes

  • What will 6G look like? What role can operators play in the value chain?
  • How much progress are operators making in their efforts to achieve net zero? What strategies are they employing? Which sustainability best practices are emerging? 
  • After FTTH and 5G deployments start to slow, what will operators invest in next, and how will their businesses change? 
  • How will future operator strategies affect vendor-addressable markets for hardware and software (including BSS/OSS)?

Research Director Simon Sherrington

Simon Sherrington Research Director